A Model for Other Communities

Self-Sustaining Affordable Housing without Government Funding?

Snohomish Affordable Housing Group in Snohomish, WA (U.S.A.) has built over 100 affordable housing apartments, and helped individuals and families achieve necessary stability to recover from economic hardships.  We started with one project funded by community donations, in-kind-services, and volunteer help.  Rental income from this one project (along with cooperative partnerships from our city and other revenue saving strategies) has enabled us to build three more!

We have developed a community based model that is highly successful and we are eager to share with your community or organization.  Our board members are willing to meet with members of your community in person, or by phone, or Skype to inform, inspire, and coach you in how to implement this model in your part of the world.  For inquiries, please contact president@snoahg.org

Please view our multimedia presentation here.  We are proud to tell our story!

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